Personal Reflection

Art is a way of life which demands dedication concentration and reflection.

Art is  constituted by revealing and purely human actions; thus, art places us in different universes; in my opinion, questioning is the main function of art. Without questioning there is not art.

Every piece of art is a critical proposal for the artist who creates the masterpiece as well as the viewer who will develop his own intimates stories.

As a consequence, art demands an open minded viewer, thus, as a result, we become  a little bit selfish.

When the artist develops its art, he spreads shows his tools in searching senses. And we know that the image will be completed and validated when it won’t does not belong to the artist any more. Therefore a new image has started to developed.

The creative process in course gives to the masterpiece an independent life and changes into something organic, even when the product is not.

We always represent our environment, what we see and live. Every moment and detail about our own existence reveal us who we are.

Fortunately, the humans beings carry a sensitive animal component which in my case is a lonely element .

Sometimes, this component becomes us into rebel and artists.

The artist will try over and over again to make “the” masterpiece in order to die and born at the same time.

The desire is the matter of art.

Sandra Carolina Bagnato